Farming Is Best When Done With Care

We sell farm-to-table meat in Sheridan, WY

The best food for you is food that's raised with love. Lazy SJ Ranch is an all-natural, organically minded farm in Sheridan, WY. We have over eight years of experience raising healthy livestock. Every animal we raise is fed a balanced diet of grain and freely grazes on lush, green pastures.

We mean it when we say the best farming is done with care. When you purchase meat from us, you can serve your family some of the finest beef, straight from our farm to your table. Call 307-752-9776 now to learn more.

Check out our products

Our ranch produces more than just beef from pasture raised cows. We also sell eggs laid by free-range chickens.

Let the folks at Lazy SJ Ranch satisfy your cravings for farm-to-table ingredients. Get in touch with us today to order organic, locally sourced meat and eggs in Sheridan, WY.

Not your average cattle farm

Can pasture raised beef really come from factory farms? We don't think so. At Lazy SJ Ranch, we stand out for being...

  • A family-run business that raises pasture raised cows
  • Firm believers in healthy animal husbandry
  • Passionate about pasture-raised livestock

When you buy meat from us, you're buying pasture raised beef from cows that were raised in humane conditions, not in cramped, filthy pens. Speak with our farmers today to learn about our regenerative farming practices.